Dental splint with a new procedure
We realize the splint with the technique of Prof.Alonso, but we modified this procedure because we understood we were able to do better in less time. - A mould of a standardized splint has been realized for upper and lower arch. A wax splint is then produced. - Preheating the preformed wax in hot water for a minute or two, and them place it into the mouth. - Proceed to the registration byte of the position you pretend. - Do a silicone mould of the arch you have registered (lower wax splint = lower silicone mould, upper wax splint = upper silicone mould) - Send the silicone mould and the wax splint registration to the lab. - We produce then a splint from this, so control well it matches the parameters you want (vertical dimension, position of mandibula, ...) The splint is made with hot polymerized acrilic resin, giving it high transparency and high finish glossy surface easy to re-polish at chair-side.
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About us MimetiK is a dental laboratory located in Portugal since 2004. We realize mainly cases made of feldspathic veneers, or crowns and bridges made with zircon; an important part of the works include implants. We organize our work in order to achieve a foreseeable result for the patient, using intensively the initial situation, wax-up, mock-up and provisional.
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