An introduction to dental Esthetic
COLOR CHOICE... White and bright aligned teeth are what is fashion now a day, but this is not the most beautiful smile!. Nature has a diversity of shapes and colors, even in the lightest shades . An a esthetic ceramic tooth can easily be made of 12 to 15 different special ceramic effects. Each of these is placed into the ceramic layering, so we get the effects coming from the inside.
VENEERS, INLAYS, CROWNS, IMPLANTS Your dentist is the best able to orientate you. Ask for individualized explanations for your case.
POLISHING - The shiny surface of a tooth can be achieved by the bake of a glaze low fusing ceramic that creates a thin shiny layer on the surface. This is shiny, but has nothing to do with a natural tooth. The surface texture is not good for the oral tissues in our eyes. - The manual polishing offers a surface texture that match very closely to the natural tooth, giving complex reflexion to the volume. The intensity of the polishing can be adjusted finely. This is our final touch! We like it this way.
THE SHAPE The shape of a tooth is a corrected copy of the natural teeth when possible. But when no reference is available, an advanced work is needed with the help of one or more wax-up. These studies made of wax are then reproduced into the mouth in order to visualize the result and to make an evaluation.
THE PRICE OF AN AESTHETIC TOOTH? Each clinic has the price they judge adequate for their work, but as an indicative information, in Portugal, a simple crown is around 500 € (simple tooth, probably not aesthetic at all) . From 900 €, you can get good results. It's what we show on most pictures on this site. For more requiring peoples, or more complex cases, the price could reach 1500€ or more for an absolutely natural work.
HOW WILL BE YOUR FUTURE SMILE? The surprise of your new smile is not a necessity Your dentist can realize a Smile Design, or a Mock-up on your actual teeth (if the situation allow it, as it is often the case). It has a shape that match quite closely the final work. It's also a moment of choice to speak about your desires and wishes. All this work is good for the team work, it helps to bring information and motivation to all within the team, but mostly it will make your expected smile unique in the world!
A new smile is an important decision in life. You'll use it to seduce, laugh, live, invite and express you pleasure, and so much more! For these reasons, You SHOULD NOT accept any treatment that modify your smile without a preview of the possible result. It is important to experiment before to start any work into the mouth. This step is called "Smile Design" or "mock-up". A first step that is so important for all the team, with the objective to gain a respective confidence in what will be done. Naturally, it won't be the final restorations, just a simple preview of what is possible. Color, surface details and adjustment of the shape will be achieved on the finished work. This simulation is a good opportunity to show the result of this new smile to friends and family when possible. Any modification is possible at this moment: shorter teeth, longer, more rounded or more angled, with more or less character... ! Simply keep in mind that each case has limitations; material and humans also do, but they tend to improve with the time!
All this means less interventions on your teeth, so you keep them longer. Modern dentistry use more conservatives treatments and restorations, and for this reason we keep teeth longer. This offers you a great potential for future restorations that would be needed, without the need of implants for example...
WHY TO CHOOSE QUALITY ? Because you'll be better satisfied with your image, it will be better for your oral health, and because it'll last longer beautiful and functional.
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THE 3 PARTS OF THE TEAM INVOLVED INTO QUALITY... "The patient" has to collaborate and transmit all his desires with motivations. this helps to build your smile. Motivation means that you should participate in all the necessary appointments needed to get the excellent result. It means also that you should follow carefully the instruction and the techniques of oral hygiene. "The dentist" has to play with the limitations, but also with the potential of the patient and the laboratory of dental aesthetic. A great job of communication! "The laboratory of dental aesthetic" has to create the best smile with all the informations transmitted by the pacient and the dentist.
AESTHETIC PARAMETERS ... Subjective examples : (the dentist can orientate the decision, but the final decision belongs to the patient) - color - teeth size - shape - ... Objective examples: (they are well defined criteria, and working rules for any professional. The patient has little or no possible influence on those parameters) - teeth axis - gum contour - occlusion - ...
A qualidade é um ponto de grande importância na estética. Um sorriso bonito deve durar muitos anos, respeitar a sua gengiva, e integrar-se nos lábios. Por isso, procura um profissional que cuida de si, e que pode demostrar das suas capacidades com fotografias de vários casos realizados, com recuo clínico. Muitos casos tem facilmente bom aspecto logo após colocação, mas alguns meses ou um ano depois já sofrem de complicações. Apesar disso tudo, o paciente tem um papel importante na colaboração com os profissionais de saúde, e o melhore médico dentista não consegue nada sem esta colaboração e confiança.
Dental aesthetic - introduction
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