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"BONDED PORCELAIN RESTORATIONS" • 2002-2003,400 pages, english. • ISBN 0-86715-422-5, Quintessence Books • Authors: Pascal Magne & Urs Belser • 5 stars, 100% actual • A reference book when talking about veneers, covering all the subjects with very professional photography. It became our daily inspiration and working procedures. "PORCELAIN LAMINATE VENEERS" • 2003,517 pages, english. • ISBN 1-85097-060-2, Quintessence Books • Author: Galip Gürel • 5 stars, 100% actual • Smile Design, function, color, failur, diastema closure.... are among the 14 chapters covering a large subject: the veneers. With the book of Magne, it is certainly one of the most important about the subject. Very open-minded, and considering many factors helpfull for a daily use. "NATURE'S MORPHOLOGY - An Atlas of Tooth Shape and Form" • 2002,98 pages, english. • ISBN 0-86715-411-x, Quintessence Books • Authors: Shigeo Kataoka & Yoshimi Nishimura • 5 stars, 100% actual • Fundamentals, characteristics, effects of aging on morphology & contouring tooth are explained very well, with superb photos. "...proper shape reproduction takes more than an extraordinary knowledge of tooth morphology to achieve extraordinary results..." "ESTETICA e COSMETICA em Clínica Integrada Restauradora" • 2003,540 pages, portuguese. • ISBN 85-8742-552-8, Quintessence Books • Author: José Mondelli • 4 stars, 100% actual • Gold rule, analyse of the face, the mouth and lips, the smile and cosmetic remodelation are considered in this book. ANATOMY "COLOR ATLAS OF ANATOMY" A photographic study of the human body. • 4th edition 1998 with 1111 figures, 947 in color, 486 pages, english. • ISBN 0-683-30492-5, • Author: Johannes W.Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll. • 5 stars, 100% actual • Photos of the human body, providing spacial dimentions & immediate orientation. The book portray macroscopic anatomy with regard to the regional and stratigraphic aspect of the object, classified by systemic aspect. The subjects are offered didactically in a way that is self-explanatory. An excellent work with exceptionnal chapters about "general anatomy", "head" & "neck" (--> 3 firsts chapters - 180 pages) "STRUCTURES BUCCO-DENTAIRES EN MICROSCOPIE ELECTRONIQUE A BALAYAGE" •1989, 200 pages, 80% B&W pictures, french. •ISBN 2-225-81606-9, Masson Paris. • Authors: J.C.Kaqueler, M.Décombas, O.Le May • 5 stars, 100% actual • Simply captivating! The 3 dimentionnal photos show details enlarged until 50'000x. There is no need to understand french to buy the book if you love fantastic pictures. "MANUEL D'HISTOLOGIE ET DE BIOLOGIE BUCCALE" • 1989, 138 pages B&W pictures, french. • ISBN 2-225-81605-0, Masson Paris. • Author: M.Goldberg • 5 stars, 100% actual • Any student understanding french should read it, it just gives pleasure to learn more about it. "TISSUS NON MINERALISES ET MILIEU BUCCAL" • 1993, 188 pages B&W pictures, french. • ISBN 2-225-84051-2, Masson Paris. • Author: M.Goldberg • 5 stars, 100% actual • Any student understanding french should read it, it just gives pleasure to learn more about it. PHOTO "COMPOSITION" • 2006, 173 pages, english. • ISBN 2-940373-04-3, AVA Publishing SA. • Author: David Präkel • 4 stars, 100% actual. • The book explains the process of composition, how to organize space and time in photographic image, it explains the ideas in context. Many informations I see for the first time with good explainations. "Digital Photography Expert: Light and Lighting" • 2007, 160 pages, english. • ISBN 1579905269, Evergreen. • Author: Michael Freeman • 4 stars, 100% actual. • All about light: natural light, artificial light, available light and what you should know to use it and succeed nice pictures.
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