EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ESTHETIC DENTISTRY (EJED) "Co-existence of Crowns and Veneers in the Anterior Dentition - Case Report" Abstract: Crowns and veneers provide distinct treat- ment strategies with different outcomes in terms of tissue conservation, periodontal distress and esthetic result. It is not always clear where a crown or veneer is indicated, but in the last two decades, adhesive tech- nology, conservative approaches and es- thetic demands have increased clinical in- dications for porcelain veneers in restorative dentistry. A combination of veneers and crowns may be required, especially in the anterior region. It may be desirable to reinforce some teeth and preserve tissue on others. Problems can arise with the esthetic inte- gration of both types of restoration, owing to their inherent mechanical and optical properties. Several clinical and laboratory techniques can be applied for a success- ful combination. In this article the authors describe the procedures and difficulties in treating a case with such needs. (Eur J Esthet Dent, Vol4, nº1, spring 2009.) *Copyrights EJED, print and commercial use of this article is not allowed.
DENTAL DIALOGUE "Feldspathic veneers for diastema closure – Case report." Abstract: Ceramic Veneers are one of the several options for aesthetic treatment of diastema. When porcelain veneers are used in properly selected cases, the success rate can be high in the long term. The authors present a case report where several anterior diastema were treated with ceramic veneers, improving the overall aesthetic appearance of the anterior region. Several clinical and laboratorial details are discussed in order to understand the indications and limitations of this treatment approach. The close collaboration between patient, clinician and ceramist was permanently done throughout the process which allowed a predictable aesthetical result. (Dental Dialogue 7/2010, german edition) (Swiss Dental Community 4/2010, german) *Professional print of this article is available on request to GC Europe. Print of this article is not allowed, please respect copyrights.
Co-existence of Crowns and Veneers in the Anterior Dentition - Case Report.
Improvement of the periodontal interface in restorative treatments - Case Report.
Feldspathique veneers and diastema - Case Report.
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