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We love to be challenged by your smile!
NEW CASES GALLERY Pictures of some new cases, on the model or in the mouth.
DENTAL IMAGE GALERY A gallery of dental images we have realized with care. We share it with you as royalty free for a private use .
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PRESSED CERAMIC Pressed ceramic crowns are a good compromise between aesthetic and resistance for simple restorations.
A SPECIAL LINK At MimetiK, we believe that helping those who need help is a big part of life MimetiK supports the ABAADV, the unique school for the guide dog for blind in portugal. Image gallery available here (pictures by Alex Fischer and Liliana Simões) ...
ZIRCON The zircon earned all his popularity in the years 2009. Uniques qualities of resistance and transparency made it a material of choice. Even if feldspathic ceramic and pressed ceramics have multiples applications, by MimetiK we like zircon. A special know-how and a meticulous care during our work allow us to use the zircon for complex restorations without metal, combining security with aesthetic.
FELDSPATHIC VENEERS Veneers made of feldspatic ceramic are the most beautiful dental restorations we could ever do. In the mouth, the feldspathic ceramic has properties like natural enamel, and transparency has no equal! For the ceramist, these properties mean that he is able to work the shade and the shape in all the deepness available. We speak about a space going from 0,3 to 0,7mm of the dental preparation, very thin! Transparency and translucency effects come to their maximum beauty, mixing their presence with the natural color of the the tooth background. For the dentist, new adhesive techniques gave to veneers a popularity never seen before. More and more professionals improve their ability and feel confident to do this kind of delicate works. By MimetiK, we always have a great pleasure to realize veneer cases, and to use all our knowledge on a beautifull case! Since our beginning in 2004, feldspathic veneer have been our lucky signature.
We realize restorations in two different ways: - with the classical pressed process. - using the CAD-CAM system "Cerec inLab" we machine a 3D structure. Both of these are made with a cut-back technique, so then the enamel layer covers completely the primary part made of "e-max" from Ivoclar, or GC pressed ceramic.
Simplicity and humility are daily experiences for us. Everyday, it is the work and the collaboration with a constructive team that allow us our evolution, and sometimes when we come close to something exceptional we are very happy. Our working philosophy is oriented around 3 objectives: - Create integrated and beautiful smiles. - Facial morphology is used to integrate the most beautiful smile on the patient's lips. - Communicate all we know to the team, so you can give us your approval before the definitive work. For this, we use the latest technologies available for the photos, and we can use the images directly from our working place. Proximity is substituted by the organization of communication, so we can work with any dentist anywhere.
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Be welcome! MimetiK is a dental laboratory specialized in dental aesthetic, located in the center of Portugal. The funders are swiss and portuguese, both with a swiss diploma. This site is dedicated to our customers, and to anybody that looks for informations about dental aesthetic in Portugal or in Europe. On the "gallery" page, you will see examples of typical cases and how it has been solved. So you'll be able to have a good idea of what is possible in different situations. is also a tool for our work and allow us to improve the collaboration with the dental clinic. The "PRO" pages are there for a professional use, and therefore are only available in english and partially in french. Some pages may have a limited access. We can work with dentists from all Europe thanks to the intensive use of the photos, Skype, and urgent deliveries. You can contact us in english, french, german, italian and portuguese. If you are reading those lines, we wish you a nice visit!
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Adress MimetiK Lda. Rua Principal - Espinheira 3360-287 Sazes do Lorvão Portugal
About us MimetiK is a dental laboratory located in Portugal since 2004. We realize mainly cases made of feldspathic veneers, or crowns and bridges made with zircon; an important part of the works include implants. We organize our work in order to achieve a foreseeable result for the patient, using intensively the initial situation, wax-up, mock-up and provisional.
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